Made Up Trade: Sixers Involved In Four Team Deal Involving Young, Asik, Anderson, Jordan

CBS Philly

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When I got to work today, I was bummed that the long weekend was over. Even though I knew I had an extra day off, I forgot today is Tuesday, and not Monday.

So my day back to work got a little brighter when the brand new made-up trade from made-up-trade-master Ethan Giles (follow @Giles1228 on Twitter) popped up in my inbox.

Once again, Ethan finds a creative deal with the limited resources the Sixers have. I feel like I might need to open the rest of the NBA up to him, as finding creative ways to trade Thaddeus Young (this Sixers lone real tradeable asset at this point) will eventually break both Ethan’s computer and his will.

With that, today’s trade:

Sixers Get

Terrence Jones ($1.6 Million, Three Years)

Donatas Montiejunas ($1.4 Million, Three Years)

Willie Green ($1.4 Million, Two Years)

Reggie Bullock…

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