NFC Update: Hall Of Fame Game Opens NFL Preseason

CBS Philly

By Christian S. Kohl

This weekend witnessed its first preseason game, and in no time the bid for the Super Bowl will be well under way.

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler is apparently adjusting to the new offense well, making good decisions and not risking turnovers deep. WR Alshon Jeffery is also evidently looking to take the next step as the Bears #2 WR, training hard to shake the perception he was too soft in his rookie campaign.

Detroit Lions: Ryan Broyles and Reggie Bush are both looking strong early in camp. Broyles appears to show no signs of his ACL injury a year ago. Meanwhile, Bush is impressing with his quickness and his receiving ability. The skills of neither is in question as contributors in the offense, it is their durability which will determine their success as supplemental weapons in the Detroit attack.

Green Bay Packers: Randall Cobb…

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